Sunday, September 4, 2011

The polish is off the apple

It seems that the week we are on vacation always holds some very impactful news.   2 years ago we spent much of our Cape Cod vacation glued to the tv watching about Ted Kennedy's passing. Being on the cape it was a much more significant story than in other parts of the world. Years before that we were in Rehobeth Beach in Delaware as we felt the impact of hurricane Katrina.

 While it only gave us huge rain and high, rough surf - we watched in disbelief how New Orleans was ravaged. This weeks vacation holds the possible capture of Ghadaffi, an earthquake in Washington D.C., and the mosr devastating to me, Steve Jobs has resigned. I learned his from a friend who knew I would care. I cried...for 2 reasons, 1. Although I do believe the apple team has great vision and will move forward with great insight and vision but without Steve Jobs' passion I think there will always be something missing. 2. I suspect it is due to his health that he is stepping down and that saddens me greatly. I wish apple all the success in the world and hope that Steve Jobs' fingerprint will always be on every product and idea. (whether actual or just from all of his many years of involvement.) I hope that his magic will fix whatever is currently ailing him. Our world needs more Steve Jobs"as he has truly been one of the most influential life changing people in my lifetime. He has changed the way we own and listen to music, tv, movies. He has changed how we compute (iPad) and most importantly he has made it all LOOK GREAT. His products are things many of us covet. I wish him all the best.

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