Monday, September 19, 2011

Ponderisms 1

This will be a place where I will continually post ponderisms - Things that make me ponder- "what were they thinking"?

The thing that has had me ponder for a very long time is the following sign:
This is the sign at the platform at the Metro North train station. I am puzzled each time that I take the train and wonder why the date would be more important than the time? Is it that the trains are late too often (which I do not think they are) so they avoid the time to avoid embarrassment? Otherwise why is the date important? If it is for commuters there is only 1 day a month that is important- the first day of the month. The day of the week is almost more important to help with peak vs. off peak. But the date????

Next ponderism....  I am all for interactive -  I love the daily (the newspaper written for  the iPad.)It is interactive in so many ways- embedded videos, sliding pictures, and other visuals. I frequently "read" my books on my i pod/pad audibly. I purchase them from because I can listen when I am driving, I love that I can listen to  them when I am knitting or cooking and still feel like i have read a book. I am currently "reading" "sing Me Home" by Jodi Picoult. I am so frustrated with this book because at the beginning of each chapter they play a song. I understand that the book is about a music therapist so the music ties in. However when I am listening to the book I want to proceed with the book  not hear a song.   I wonder-  What do people do that buy the actual book? Do they get a cd with it? That would be better because they can listen to the songs when they want. Or do they just get no songs? - just something to ponder. I listened to another book recently that had recipes embedded- there I was on the losing side because I could not copy the recipes as I drove. It turned out that the author posted many of theme on her website- but it was hard to remember which was which and they were not in the order that they were in the book. oh well- win some, lose some....

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