Sunday, September 4, 2011

Connected or disconnected-that is the question

I must say that as much as I look forward to vacation the thought of being disconnected from email, Internet, Facebook, news and such seems on one hand devastating and on the other peaceful. When we left on this most recent vacation we had to be vey careful due to international rates that would be applied  in Canada. This left us mostly unconnected by phone (as even on a plan the rates were high). 3G for the iPad would have the same effect so we had to rely on wifi. All places we booked had free wifi (or so they said). Arriving at our condo at Mont Tremblant we found that the owner had the condo for sale and had not paid for phone or Internet. We had none. This would mean no email, Facebook, more importantly no access to words with friends or hanging with friends. In much negotiation with the office the following solutions were offered: they would give us an office in a town nearby that we could go check email periodically, or we could move to an older less nice condo that had phone but no Internet. Neither of these a great choice. We pleaded that a nearby condo had a password protected Internet but he owned hs property and did not use the rental organization. They eventually gave us a password for another condo (farthest away in our complex). It worked but was spotty at best. We frequently had to go downstairs to get reconnected. In reflecting on last years vacation on the cruise where we went an entire week with no connectivity it was less painful as there was a lot of communication and so much to do.

Should we be connected during vacation? From owning a business it is a good idea to check email as we received some orders and interesting opportunities. It does take a little away from the calming effects of vacation. More importantly being connected kept us a little away from us spending time with each other. We did play a couple of scrabble games ( on the board-not the iPad) but most evenings ( and mornings) we could be found on our individual iPads, phones or computers getting the info each of us need or wanted.
As much as I would be the first to not want to be unconnected maybe no internet is beter on vacation.

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