Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter Storm Warning- In October????>

This has been a really funky weather year. It seems like our seasons get all squished together and we do not get the full enjoyment of the 4 seasons. (One of the key reasons to live in the Northeast). My favorite season is Spring when we are coming out of the harsh winter and the beautiful buds begin to bloom. I always know it will be good when my 2 daffodil plants in the front of my house sprout. Fal improbably my second favorite season when the trees change from crisp greens to beautiful golds, reds and even deep purples.

This year however we have had an earthquake, a hurricane and then a truly freak snowstorm just before I halloween. It was well forecast and we knew it would be bad. Wet snow does not usually fall on trees with leaves but this time it did causing branches, limbs and trees to Fall everywhere, many times taking power lines down with them. We lucked out and did not lose electricity but so many of our friends and neighbors did- many for an entire week or more. (We suffered that 8 weeks before during Hurricane Irene).  Amazingly our schools were open but the town felt the need to cancel halloween (ok- they postponed it- but it was very mixed as to who knew- so it was kind of cancelled).

October- Really?

one of the many branches down in our yard

I am not sure of what the winter holds for us- I hope it is calmer than last winter and we have less damage than this Fall. I thought we were going through global WARMING?