Friday, September 16, 2011

it's FABulous

What a phenomenal way to display your books

My new favorite time of day is 11:00 am. That is when the new daily site is available showcasing their newest and greatest. They somehow find the coolest most unique design oriented items. More important is that if you do not order quickly many of the best items are sold out. The discounts range but it is as much about exposure and coolness if not more than price.

what a cool clock!!
 is a very new flash site with its launch being June 9, 2011 and it  already has 600,000 members with 2.5 million visits in August up from 1.86 million in July. They have sold over 140,000 units over the summer from more than 500 designers. They are currently the number 11 fash sale site* growing 800% in 2 months. They have taken flash sales 1 step further in launching the first online "pop up shop". It  features 76 products as part of Fast Company's promotion for its design issue and will run for 1 month.We are all familiar with "pop up shops" where retailers take small unused space for short time frames to have a "store" where they may not really have one.
* A flash sale site is one that offers a sale for a limited time frame

Perfect chair for me in the luggage business

They generally have about 6-8 designers on sale per day and I am greatful that they do not all appeal to me (becasue I really can't afford it) there are many that I find interesting and unique. I wish them continued success and am excited to see the many new ways that they will impact etailing as the move forward. Please check them out at
A lamp made from the wire that it plugs into

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