Monday, September 19, 2011

Wow! What a great light at the end of a bad week. We lost a huge tree which took down all of our power lines. CLP told us that even though our entire block go their power back on Thursday afternoon we probably would not get ours back until Tuesday. Friday afternoon a truck showed up in our driveway with form CT Solar services. We thought maybe they were soliciting for something but then realized that Bruce and Nick were our knights in shining armor. They had been contracted by CLP to fix individual’s power lines. My whole day was made.  Even though they felt we would not get power back yesterday I was confident that we were on our way. At about 6:15 we heard the whrrrr of power and our nightmare was over. Not only were Bruce and Nick - lovely and charming even after working many straight days fixing power lines but I learned that even though they are in Beacons Falls they will come and do work in our area. After 14 years here we still do not have an electrician that we really like or trust.  We are so excited to find this wonderful company and these wonderful guys and hope to use them going forward for whatever electrical work we may have. If you need them Bruce can be reached at 203 723-9052. Additionally we found an amazing tree guy- Burt at Stumps. He came by immediately and gave us an estimate that was well under all others. He came the next day and took our tree from across our property and cleaned up. We will be happy to use him for all our tree work and recommend him to everyone! He can be reached at 203 227-0590

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  1. Andrea from Newton, MASeptember 22, 2011 at 9:00 AM

    Burt at Stumps is THE BEST! Nicest guy, wonderful work. I think he used to play pro baseball, btw. Nice blog, Jen