Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vacation - is it really worth it?

I am a firm believer intact everyone needs to get away and take a break from their daily routine. When you have children Summer offers that on its own in that school is out, camps generally start later, dress is more relaxed and there are so many less scheduled events and classes.  Vacation is the perfect opportunity to take that onestep further and really relax. Last year we went on a cruise- wondrous from the start because there  were no phones and internet so you really HAD to take it down a notch or 10. Even better I found the best use of $100 in my life. For $100 you can have as much use as you want in the indoor pool, jacuzzi and quiet room
 The quiet room looks off the back of the boat and is a true sanctuary (too bad it wasn't outdoors). It was an exclusive oasis where there were no kids or beer parties just quiet and comfort.  I cannot ever remember feeliOremore relaxed in my life. This extended for about 4 weeks after the vacation.
Getting ready (not the packing and stuff- but getting ready made it almost not worth going. There is sooooo much pressure to tie up all loose ends (which never actually happens) and so much guilt that goes with it that you almost feel like you do not want to go.
As we get ready for this years vacation to the laurentian Mountains in Canada, other than the packing- trying to get all caught up, answer all the emails, put everything to bed that I can, I found my heart racing all day and wondering if it is worth it. No matter that everyone knows we will be away I am certain to come back to over 1000 emails (which even just deleting the junk takes time). I really hope it will be worth it.

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