Sunday, August 7, 2011


I have spent the better part of the last month at the apple store in Stamford. I am trying to go from pcchick to macchick - not an easy transition for someone my age.  Being probably the #1 apple fan in southern Connecticut if not the world.

I have learned sooooo much from all the cool geniuses  (here are some of them).

My favorite activity is "stump the genius". You have never seen any group of people work harder than the "geniuses" when they are given something that they do not know the obvious answer to. And they always come up with a resolution.

The interesting thing is that my other passion- knitting is also related to Apple... frequently at open knitting night at Westport Yarns much of the conversations is tech related whether it is putting new knitting apps on our respective iPhones and/or iPads, or getting each other set up to play words with friends or hanging with friends.
Words with friends

or hanging with friends
 I was very surprised during an open kntting night recently how many people could name Stamford apple store geniuses by name and had worked with them previously.  Almost everyone that comes to either open knitting night or breakfast club either has an ipad, iphone or desperately wants one. Just about everyone in the group is either playing words with friends or hanging with friends.  There is nothing better than a group of women (no offense men) getting together and haring information on any subject.

Now I better get ready to go and pick up my new imac from the apple store- see you soon.

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