Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sarah's Cry

 Most of the time I love where I live in Westport, Ct,  except sometimes when a new artsy movie comes out and takes weeks if not months to play in the area. This has happened to me twice recently. In early December a friend in Santa Monica, Ca recommended "The King's Speech". Each week i would look to see where it was playing nearby and was continually disappointed when the closest showing was in NYC.
I was so excited when in late december or early January i saw that finally Garden Cinema in Norwalk was showing it. It was a very snowy day as I set out, I decided to call the theatre and I was not too surprised to learn they were closed due to snow. I was so excited when I finally saw it (and not disappointed after the long wait.
This is how I felt after reading about a special showing of Sarah's Key in NYC on July 12. Te review of the evening sounded great and I could not wait to see the movie. I own the book in several versions, kindle, paperback, maybe even from (which is where much of my reading is done) Each week I would go online only to find that closest place was The Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, NY.

Europa Europa

Finally this weekend it was playing here. I generally am intrigued by WWII movies involving children. This may be because my own father
was separated from his parents during the war and while he survived his entire family perished.
Life is Beautiful
Au Revior Les Enfants

Empire of the Sun and while not about WWII
it does involve a  child nd is one of my all time favorites

Nothing prepared me for the amount of crying that I would do as I watched this movie.  Within the first few minutes I was tearing up and this happened many times with different degrees of tearing to real crying.  So much of it made you put yourself in the parents' shoes and the heart wrenching decisions that were made. For me it was reminiscent of the Choice scene in Sophie's Choice. You understand on some level why decisions are made but I could not imagine how one can be put in the position of making them. 

As the generations of holocaust survivors die and in new generations we find more and more people don't believe it ever happened movies like Sarah's Key become even more important.


  1. The book was intense. Do you feel the movie did the book justice?

  2. I only said I owned several copies of the book- not that I had actually ever read them....

  3. I hoping to Sarah's Key this weekend! :)

  4. Sarah's Key: worst book ever!