Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursday Night- Date Night- Kind of

They say "working for the weekend" because everyone can't wait to finish Friday and get the weekend off, relax, kick back and unwind. While I love what we do on Friday Nights (regularly have dinner with a very close friend and our families) I have found a new love for Thursday Nights. (I even find myself careful when scheduling evening plans to try and avoid doing things on other nights so I can keep my Thursday's open. Since Beth took over at Westport Yarns she has worked to really bolster the knitting community. This is exemplified by our Thursday night Sit & Knits. They are so crowded (yet we always make room for everyone) and filled with great conversations, different age groups,
delicious foods that are shared
Amazing handmade granola bars
 and just a great time. Last night in the absence of his good friend my son learned to knit and made 2 scarves ( a store sample and 1 for himself. He truly did it in just a couple of minutes - just off the mark of the package which says solo 1 minuto.

There was much iphone and ipad conversation as always as we all learn about new apps and games

 It is enjoyed so much that when 8PM comes and the doors are closed several of us will move to Barnes and Noble and continue our conversation there.  Last night while everyone was discussing favorite recipes we decided that we would make a "Knitting Knomads" (that is the name of our Thursday Night Group) cookbook compiled with everyones favorites. We would like to open this up to the entire Westport Yarns family. Maybe we should also include people's favorite patterns that the have knit or designed. 

The remarkable group of women in the Knitting Knomads (and the larger Westport Yarns community share a wide wealth of talents including decoupage, cooking and baking, quilting, rug hooking , mosaic and so much more. Several women have even made Nantucket Baskets. I hope that some  of these very talented women will share some of their abilities with the group so we can continue to expand our horizons.  We are all grateful to Beth for allowing us to connect in so many ways and truly make a warm and caring community from a simple storefront.

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