Sunday, August 7, 2011

You never can tell......

I am a big fan of GrouponLiving Social, and the more local coupon site Couposh. They offer great deals  on so many places I already frequent or would like to try. Someone recommended trying a recent groupon offer for Tuscany Ristorante in Bridgeport. We very rarely eat in Bridgeport (actually with young children we rarely eat anywhere other than friendlys or the diner) but we decided to use our groupon last night and venture into Bridgeport.

We drove through some of the not so nice areas in Bridgeport and wondered just what we were getting ourselves into... Upon arriving the restaurant looked very nice  and as we entered it was charming.    

 We had a 5:45 reservation (as we had a commitment later on) and there was only one table with diners (not a good omen but it WAS early).  We  were seated and our waitress came over immediately to take drink orders and show specials. They have a platter showing the appetizer specials followed by this beautiful pasta platter  with explanations of how the pasta is prepared. There were so many wonderful choices it was
hard to make a decision. After being served bread with roasted garlic in the olive oil our food arrived. One was better than the next- just phenomenal. The portions were large so we had some to take home too. I am thinking if not for groupon we would have never found this little gem.

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