Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Apple A Day

I admit that I am an apple geek and had to get up early on a Saturday to stand in line with about 200 people to get an iPad.(which I am typing on now at starbucks right near the apple store in the stamford mall)
So far it is pretty awesome. I am still getting used to my 2 week old iPhone.
The iPad is fairly seamless and has some very cool features including the map feature that gives you the actual street view with pictures and the iBooks app which may help all those who had issues with the kindle because they needed to "turn the page". The iBook app almost let's you do that.
I have not spent a lot of time playing with iPad apps yet but have several favorite iPhone apps to share.

My absolute Favorite App is "World Card". This allows you to photograph a business card and instantly add it to your contacts. In a similiar manner- "Scan Tell" allows you to photograph a book, CD or DVD and it searches to find wout where you can buy it and for what price.  I have also found that Grocery IQ is great for making a list for the grocery store. You can scan items on your iphone and it then adds them to your market kist which is organizzed by aisle.

Appzilla is a neat little app that holds 50 apps within it- these include a coin toss (my favorite), a fake call mode that you can set to have someone (You pick the name that is shown) call you at a predetermined time. There is also a ruler, level and protractor as well as translator, currency converter and so much more!

I have many favorite games and some favorite apps that are mainly for the NY area but these will have to be in another post. Must go back to checking out all the cool things my IPAD can do.


  1. I love all the apps you've shared with me. Scanning the barcode with the groceryiq is really cool.
    I enjoyed playing with the ipad, it is very temtpting.

  2. You will love it. Thanks for being my first comment. Thanks also fornyour apps especially the moron game.