Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday in NY becomes Saturday Night in NY

A couple of weeks ago a good friend was in NY visiting her daughter, A Freshman at NYU. This friend is someone that I worked with and the mentor that let em understand that I COULD work and be a mother at the same time. She is funny, interesting and one of the best people I have ever travelled with. No stone is ever left unturned. She knows the best places to stay, eat and the best things to do.  Meeting her after the big ones class was no exception. Her daughter and mine are just a few years apart. Actually on a vacation that we took together when the big one was 6 months old and her daughter was 3 - her daughter actually "watched" the big one while we had dinner. Over the years they have spent time together on various trips out west to see them and back east when they came to see us.

On this recent trip we planned to meet after the big ones class in NYC. We went down and met them where she was staying- a wildly cool hotel called  The James in Soho.

The artwork here was actually on a shade that allowed the bathroom
behind it to be made private.Behind the shade was a full glass wall.

My favorite wall- made of computer keys

The sky lobby had the cooled light fixtures- some of which were knitted

We met them at the rooftop bar and pool area and enjoyed looking at the great views over to Jersey and much of the city. Running late for our dinner reservation we quickly toured her room as they freshened up and ran downstairs to catch a cab. This was not proving easy but when a limo came by my friend worked her magic and got him to take us to the restaurant for $20 (not much more than a cab would have cost). Upon our arrival  at MPD - a wonderful Bobby Flay restaurant, we were told that we were not late but actually early but they were able to seat us. As the sun set the views were spectacular 

The food was great and our server Justen was wonderful. During the evening a couple sat down at the table next to us. He was handsome and dressed nicely, she was really "dolled up". It truly appeared to be perhaps even a first date. My friend commented that he should not miss the chance to ask her to marry him because if not she would be taken by someone else. After pointing this out to us and the waiter she finally told the gentleman at the table. He replied that they had been married 18 years and had 4 children. They had travelled from mid New Jersey for their "date night". It is so nice to know that some people  can look like they are on a first date even after 18 years of marriage. After a truly sublime dinner we crossed the street and took a walk on the high line. We gazed across the river, listened to a sax player, passed by the Standard hotel, and enjoyed the relaxing seating that was there.

All in all it was a fabulous evening. We thank our friends for making it such and can't wait to do it again.

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